Matching machine cycle times

Demag cranes ensure reliable supply to gantry robots

High handling rates in tandem mode

Two cranes placing stacks of OSB panels
into intermediate storage

Precise tandem operation

DR rope hoists for reliable material transport

High handling rate

Rapid transport of prefabricated parts

Rapid production sequence

Direct handling of complete prefabricated building elements

Cranes matching robot operating cycles

Always on the move

For the manufacture of prefabricated building elements, MBN Holzelemente GmbH utilises gantry robots that make complete walls and ceiling sections out of basic panels. The production lines are supplied by cranes fitted with special load bars in accordance with the automatic machine cycles. A total of three Demag crane installations are used to manage logistics in the store and are essential to maintain the flow of production.
  • 2 coupled double-girder overhead travelling cranes equipped with a special load bar in the store
  • 2 cranes, each featuring 2 coupled crane bridges in production


Cranes for production and storage

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