Best view guaranteed

Drives for a rotating restaurant

360 degrees per hour

Architecture in motion

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Rotating structure mounted on Demag wheel blocks

Best panorama view guaranteed

Moving architecture at a height of 1,795 m

Breathtaking 360-degree view

Drive solution for architecture

Revolving restaurant with Demag drives in the Alps

Panorama view of the mountains

Eastern Switzerland has another tourist attraction to offer: a revolving restaurant has opened to offer visitors a panoramic view of the fascinating mountain landscape at a height of 1,795 m on the “Hoher Kasten” mountain in the Appenzell region. The special feature: a turning element in the floor enables the restaurant area to rotate once per hour. The drive systems required to make this happen – from the wheels to the frequency inverter – is "made by Demag".
  • Appenzell mountain viewpoint in north-east Switzerland
  • 1,795 m above sea level, high above Lake Constance, the Rhine valley and the Appenzell region
  • Rotating restaurant with 360° panorama view


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